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Box for 500 People Pieces of fruit: 2250

Box for 500 People


This order consists of the following fresh fruit:

  • 750 x Bananas
  • 250 x Green Apples
  • 250 x Red Apples
  • 250 x Pears
  • 250 x Satsumas
  • 250 x Nectarine
  • 250 x Peaches

A great selection of classic handheld fruit, recommended for up to 500 people. This box contains 2,250 pieces of fruit.

We recommend this order twice weekly and can discuss any special delivery details with you prior to placing an order with us. We have experience in dealing with large organsiations who require deliveries to be made into several offices or departments etc.

Once in place we will make sure your delivery is seamless every-time. This order is made up of approximately 25 boxes, with each box being suitable for approximately 20 people.

If you would prefer to discuss an order of this size, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for a no-obligation chat.

Please note that if our buyers do not believe any of the fruit in this selection to be of the very best quality at time of packing, we will replace with a suitable alternative.

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Get everything listed above PLUS:

  • 22Kg White Grape
  • 22Kg Red Grape
  • 50 x Strawberries (450g)
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