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We deliver to homes across London and to almost all postcodes within the M25.

We offer a contactless delivery from March 2020

In addition to HACCP food standards, we also operate a strict Covid-19 specific health and hygiene policy across our business to ensure ultimate safety for our staff and customers. Details on request.

We deliver Monday to Saturday from 8.30am until 6pm.

Customers can order by phone on 0800 019 4037 or online.

Orders can be made just once; weekly; every other week; or monthly.

Payment for regular orders will be taken 48 hours before delivery.

Changes to regular orders must be made at least 48 hours before delivery to guarantee the change.

All cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before delivery

Our minimum online order is £30

Customers must ensure they follow our allergen information found on this website FAQ and within our terms and conditions. If in any doubt, please contact us before your order.

We operate 100% customer satisfaction - For any queries or concerns about your order, please call u son 0800 019 4037 or email

Delivery areas are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,Saturday


Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday


There are so many benefits to having fresh fruit for your office, but here are just a few!

- One of the most cost effective employee benefits
- Healthy alternative to sugary and fatty foods
- Fructose is a natural boost for those 3pm lulls
- Save on the unnecessary 'run to the shops'
- An apple a day..

Try it from as little as £19.99.

You can manage your whole account on our website from your desktop or mobile 24 hours a day. You can place and review your orders, review and re-order past orders, download and print statements, update your addresses and manage your payment methods.

Of course. We're more than happy to chat - 0800 019 4037.

Our phone lines are open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.

We deliver Monday to Friday to most postcodes in London and surrounding areas.

It’s useful if you can let us know any specific instructions for your delivery that will help our delivery drivers. Things like;

- 24 hour security available in building

- Please leave with reception

- Please take to floor 9 kitchen

- Loading bay accessed via underground car park

We will always do our best to take your specific requests into consideration when delivering your order, but if you’re in any doubt please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

We will always try to deliver your order as close to your specified delivery time.

Providing us as much information about your specific delivery procedure can help our drivers plan the most efficient and timely delivery method. In many cases we can deliver your orders in the early morning so it’s ready for your teams arrival.

If we use a courier service, these orders are usually delivered between 8am - 4pm on the selected delivery day. Guaranteed pre-midday delivery will be charged extra and should be organised with our team by telephone.

We work with the worlds leading fresh produce growers and wholesalers form across the world to ensure that we only provide GRADE A quality.

We will source and supply organic and British produce where possible for our orders but cannot guarantee that all box contents are sourced from 100% organically grown sources.

Our fruit is held and prepared in warehouses that may also contain nuts. We request all clients follow any necessary health and safety processes if they or their colleagues suffer from any allergy.

You can view our map to see if you're in the free delivery zone. We are always adding new areas, so keep checking in case we add you to our zone.

Free Delivery Monday To Friday:
'SE1','SE1P', 'SE17', 'SE11', 'SW8', 'SW7', 'SW3', 'SW2', 'SW1', 'SW1V', 'SW1X', 'SW1P', 'SW1H', 'SW1E', 'SW1A', 'SW1Y', 'SW1W', 'W2', 'W1','W1K','W1W','W1U', 'W1T','W1S', 'W1J','W1H','W1G','W1F','W1D','W1C','W1B','W1A', 'WC2','WC2A','WC2B','WC2E','WC2H','WC2N','WC2R', 'WC1','WC1A','WC1X','WC1V','WC1R','WC1N','WC1H','WC1E','WC1B', 'E14', 'E98', 'EC4','EC4Y','EC4V','EC4R','EC4P','EC4N','EC4M','EC4A', 'EC3','EC3V','EC3R','EC3P','EC3N','EC3M','EC3A', 'EC2','EC2Y','EC2V','EC2R','EC2P','EC2N','EC2M', 'EC2A', 'EC1','EC1A','EC1Y','EC1V','EC1R','EC1P','EC1N','EC1M', 'E1','E1W', 'N1','N1P14', 'NW1','NW1W','E2', 'E4', 'E17', 'E5', 'E9', 'E11', 'E18', 'E10', 'E3', 'E15', 'E7', 'E12', 'E13', 'E16', 'E6', 'E8', 'N12', 'N3', 'N2', 'N6', 'N9','N10', 'N7', 'N4', 'N8', 'N5', 'N16', 'N15', 'N17', 'N18', 'N19', 'N21', 'N14', 'N22', 'N13', 'N11', 'NW8', 'NW7', 'NW4', 'NW11', 'NW3', 'NW5', 'NW9', 'NW2', 'NW6', 'NW10', 'N20', 'SE10', 'SE7', 'SE18','SE21', 'SE28', 'SE3', 'SE8', 'SE14', 'SE13', 'SE12', 'SE6', 'SE4', 'SE15', 'SE9', 'SE5', 'SE22', 'SE23','SE24', 'SE26', 'SE27', 'SE19', 'SE20', 'SE25', 'SW5', 'SW10', 'SE16', 'SW13', 'SW6', 'SW14', 'SW15', 'SW18', 'SW11', 'SW19', 'SW20', 'SW4', 'SW12', 'SW9', 'SW16', 'SW17', 'TW1', 'TW2', 'TW3', 'TW4', 'TW5', 'TW7', 'TW8', 'TW9', 'TW10', 'UB1', 'UB2', 'UB6','W9', 'W11', 'W8', 'W14', 'W10', 'W12', 'W6', 'W3', 'W4', 'W5', 'W13', 'W7', 'CM14'

Free Delivery Tuesday To Friday:
'E20', 'SE2', 'DA15','BR1', 'BR2', 'BR3', 'BR4', 'BR5', 'BR6', 'BR7', 'BR8', 'CM13', 'CR0', 'CR2', 'CR3', 'CR4', 'CR5', 'CR6', 'CR7', 'CR8', 'DA1', 'DA5', 'DA6', 'DA7', 'DA8', 'DA14', 'DA16', 'DA17', 'DA18', 'EN1', 'EN2', 'EN3', 'EN4', 'EN5', 'EN6', 'EN7', 'EN8', 'EN9', 'HA0', 'HA1', 'HA2', 'HA3', 'HA4', 'HA5', 'HA6', 'HA7', 'HA8', 'HA9', 'IG1', 'IG2', 'IG3', 'IG4', 'IG5', 'IG6', 'IG7', 'IG8', 'IG9', 'IG10', 'IG11', 'KT1', 'KT2', 'KT3', 'KT4', 'KT5', 'KT6', 'KT7', 'KT8', 'KT9', 'KT10', 'KT11', 'KT12', 'KT13', 'KT14', 'KT15', 'KT16', 'KT17', 'KT18', 'KT19', 'KT20', 'KT21', 'KT22', 'RM1', 'RM2', 'RM3', 'RM4', 'RM5', 'RM6', 'RM7', 'RM8', 'RM9', 'RM10', 'RM11', 'RM12', 'RM13', 'RM14', 'RM15', 'RM16', 'RM17', 'RM18', 'RM19', 'RM20', 'SM1', 'SM2', 'SM3', 'SM4', 'SM5', 'SM6', 'SM7', 'TW6', 'TW11', 'TW12', 'TW13', 'TW14', 'TW15', 'TW16', 'TW17', 'TW18','UB3', 'UB4', 'UB5', 'UB7', 'UB8', 'UB9', 'UB10', 'UB11', 'WD23', 'WD24', 'WD25', 'WD17', 'WD18', 'WD19', 'WD3', 'WD4', 'WD5', 'WD6', 'WD7','WD2'

A standard delivery charge is applicable, and your order may go through our third-party courier service. Next day delivery will not be available with orders that go via courier. The delivery charge starts at £7.55 for 20kg. Multiple delivery charges will be applied for larger orders over the 20kg - please speak to a member of the team for further details.

Try our 'Ready Made Boxes' – they are based on the number of people in your office, so you can easily work out the correct amount of fruit you need to purchase. It includes easy-to-eat hand-held pieces of fruit, so it is the perfect way to kick-start your fruit deliveries.

Please feel free to give us a call if you want to discuss the perfect quantity for your office.

Yes. We can deliver to different floors or locations within the same building, under the same account.

We can also deliver to multiple locations of the same company.

No problem. In some cases we prefer to set up individual accounts for different addresses but let us know what works for you.

Absolutely.Within our 'Make your Own' order page, you can add as much or as little to your fruit box as you want.

This is a great option if you know exactly what you want and allows you the flexibility to add any of our products to your delivery.

There is a minimum order value of £18.99 required for our tailor made option.

When you place your order online, you will pay the price you see at check out and your order will automatically repeat on your specified days.

If you have had a ‘Ready Made Box’ these prices very rarely change.

If you have had a ‘Make Your Own Box’, these products, can be subject to price fluctuations, (usually due to seasonality) so we do reserve the right to increase or decrease the prices within your recurring orders.

Yes. Whilst our Ready Made Boxes are pre-seleted quantities of fruit, you can always add more items from Make Your Own section. Just add all the products you want to your shopping cart, and we will deliver everything together.

For example it’s a really great option if you want to keep the fruit simple by ordering a Ready Made Box for 20 People but would also like us to supply your office milk and cereals.

No. You can change, cancel or restart your deliveries whenever you want. We just ask that of you are cancelling any future orders, we are notified by telephone or in writing by 4pm of the previous working day.

We invoice on a weekly basis.

Invoices will be sent each Wednesday, with payment terms remaining 7 days from date of the invoice, unless alternative credit periods have been agreed by our accounts department.

We also recommend our clients paying us via GoCardless in order to minimise administration on both sides.

Contact our Accounts team with any queries you may have relating to our invoicing and payments.

Lots of our clients change their orders regularly. You can make your changes by e-mail or telephone. We do ask that any changes are submitted before 5pm for next day deliveries.

If you need some advice about seasonal fruits, then by all means, contact us for a no-obligation chat.

Go to the Login Page and select the 'Lost Password' option. A password reminder will be sent to you instantly and you will then be able to access your account area.

We operate a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with your fruit, we will be more than happy to offer you a suitable alternative.

Unfortunately we can’t offer same day delivery.

Whilst the majority of our business is to deliver to commercial properties, we can occasionally deliver to residential properties, but this would unfortunately not include residential flats or apartments as we deliver early mornings.

Please call the customer services team to discuss your intended delivery destination before placing an online order.

We do not offer just milk delivery.

To qualify for a milk delivery, fruit must also be purchased.

Your initial week's total value will be taken by card.

From the following week we will take payment on the day of each delivery.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal.

Invoices can be paid via BACS or we highly recommend GoCardless for automated payments.